Tales from Srimad Bhagavatam: Doubt of Brahma Deepens – XLVII

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The , manifest as , multiplied himself. From one he became many. He became the cowherds, the calves that were grazing, the rope around the neck of the calves and each and every aspect of existence that Brahma had hidden. Nilanjana recounts how played the cosmic game with Brahma, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

continued, “Krishna smiled to himself as he realised Brahma’s game. He saw that Brahma had hidden all his playmates and their calves. He decided to participate and play the game as well. The Jivatma (the iota of the universal that resides in individual bodies) is just as aspect of the Paramatma (the cosmic soul). Therefore, the divinity, manifest as Krishna, multiplied himself. From one he became many. He became the cowherds, the calves that were grazing, the rope around the neck of the calves and each and every aspect of existence that Brahma had hidden.

With sunset, all the cowherds (disguised divinity) returned home with their respective calves. This masquerade continued the next day and the next too. There was only a subtle difference. The mothers thought that their children were as sweet as Krishna. The mother cows would lick their calves with a little more than usual affection and would yield more milk than they used to. This experience of additional affection, , and sweetness spread to each and every household of . However, these simple folks experienced all this subconsciously and there was no attempt to intellectualise and analyze the change never realised.

Only Balarama understood this, that too when only a few were left for the year to complete. He realised that he saw Krishna in every child, everywhere around and ended up asking his buddy, “I am sure this is no illusion or witchcraft. I see you everywhere around. What is this game that is being played? How long will it last?”

Krishna revealed the entire course of events and as they spoke Brahma heard them speak. In any case, he was just recuperating from his own humiliating experience. After having hidden the cowherds and the calves, Brahma reached Satyaloka (his abode) but the doorkeepers refused to let him in. An enraged Brahma demanded an explanation. The doorkeepers laughed at him saying that he is not Brahma but someone dressed up as their master for their real master is inside. Brahma could not believe them. The doorkeepers allowed Brahma to peep in and he saw someone who looked exactly like himself sitting amidst the rishis (sages). Saraswati (Brahma’s wife) was playing the veena and the entire hall was full of silence.

Brahma went back to Vrindavan and saw that all daily events were going on as usual. He rushed back to his cave to check, but the hidden cowherds and calves were still there. In this game of hide and seek, the creator got very confused. Krishna took pity on him. That is when Brahma saw that each cowherd playing was actually Krishna, every part of Vrindavan was only and only Krishna.  As Brahma understood his impertinence, he realised that the formless had assumed various forms so that his people would not be hapless and helpless owing to the game that the creator had played on them. Wisdom dawned on Brahma as he asked for forgiveness and returned back to Satyaloka.

Meanwhile, one year had passed. Krishna collected his friends and their calves whom Brahma had put to sleep and went back home.”

“But why one year?” Parikshit asked.

“One year for us is just a day for the devas (gods),” Sukha explained…

[To be continued]

Footnote:  is often called the Bhagavad Purana. Authored by Ved Vyasa, the stories are about the various (incarnations) of Lord Vishnu, also known as Narayana.

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