Death Announced her Arrival

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An evocative poem by Sumita, in Different Truths. 

Death announced her arrival.

No silent whispers in my ears;

No, the clarion call was loud and clear.

My guts burnt; I hardly ate but puked.

bled my wallet white;

Prescribed pills rent body and mind.

I’ve taken care to cook a broth

A thin gruel, no sugar no .

Surely, it would slide down, stay,

Wake me up to one more beautiful day,

But there, again over the sink, I sway.

“I’m dying,” I’ve told my and friends,

They negate, know not what to say.

My three sons living abroad, nod

Over phones, murmur they’ll visit soon.

Kindness pats my shoulder, squeezes my hand,

A warm embrace; I think they care.

But at 2:30 am, when I contact in despair,

“I’m dying, please take me to …”

In their best , they cut my call.

My servant, loyal shadow till the end,

Tows me to a dignified final farewell.

Eighty-seven years I’ve walked this Earth

Mind and tongue sharp, they’ll remember

Me, fiercely .

©Sumita Dutta

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Sumita Dutta

Sumita Dutta

A lifelong bookworm and a graduate of Fine Arts from Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, Sumita Dutta enjoys most art-forms avidly. She has worn a number of hats – parent coordinator handling admissions, teaching O and AS level English, editor, publisher, photographer, manipulating digital images, designer, team leader for an IT start-up, PRO, sales rep and more. Her poetry, prose, photography, and art can be found on a number of sites on the web.
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