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Here’s an intense and powerful poem by Luz Maria, Dedicated to the facing discrimination and , in Different Truths

that that you see 
behind the glass of your eyes,
mauled by your decrees,
is a free woman!
freer than the of life
daughter of a memory
and the god of all the immortals
that woman that your hands crumple
and leaves empty your looting for evilness
makes birds flourish into fragrant gardens
plants immensities you will never perceive
that woman of pulsing and illuminated spirit
where you could not even name yourself as human
and where you have no right to quench your thirst
for you are neither seed, land, , time
but your own abjection
that woman, that very same woman, 
will leave you sentenced
go after you and call you by your
and under her towering strength
you will lastly succumb!

©Luz María López

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Luz Maria Lopez

Luz Maria Lopez

Published poet, narrator, translator, editor of four international anthologies and advocate. Luz María López’s poetry has been translated into many languages and published in world-renowned literary magazines and books. She leads the “World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights” (WM) and is Intercontinental Director for World Festival of Poetry (WFP-CED). She is an international traveller participating in many Poetry Festivals and Literary Congresses. Received the Khatak Literary Award 2017. She is the editor of "An Anthology of Poems on Autism Awareness" (Different Truths). She is from Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Island.
Luz Maria Lopez

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