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  • Durga, a Lesser Goddess Grew in Stature during the Gupta Period

  • A Wonder that is India!

  • Difficult Time for Those Having a School-going Child

  • Godmen: Happiness Comes with a Price Tag

  • Why Jaishankar Prasad Deserves the Bharat Ratna?

  • Nobel or Not so Nobel

  • A Comparative Evaluation of the Scholastic Excellence of Nalanda and Al-Qarawiyyin

  • Playing Ducks and Drakes with the Unique Ethos of Kerala

  • India through Her Stamps

  • Education, Employment, and Empowerment of Women in India: From 1986 Onwards

Durga, a Lesser Goddess Grew in Stature during the Gupta Period

Reading Time: 5 minutesArindam, our Editor-in-Chief, traces the history of Durga iconography. Historians at Allahabad Museum opine that the stature of the Goddess grew during the Gupta period. He introduces the three-day long special feature on Durga Puja, between Tuesday (Sept 26) and Thursday (Sept 28). Special mention of Anumita Chatterjee Roy, our Managing Editor, must be made […]


Durga Puja: A Five-day Extravaganza of Food, Feast, Fun, and Frolic

Reading Time: 5 minutesEyes closed each of us disappear into own consciousness where we perhaps see a beloved departed parent, or remember a past when they stood above us uttering these same words after shoving a crumpled flower and a bael leaf into our small fist. Chennai-based Sumita gives us an overview of the Durga Puja and its […]


Durga Puja Nostalgia: Opening an Old Album and the Paroxysms of Emotions

Reading Time: 2 minutesFreshly returned from South America, first time Durga Puja to experience yet the vast unsettled feeling from being brought to a quite stringent and conservative environment in Batanagar from the freedom of life in outside India, in Venezuela, rues Susmita, as she walks down the memory lane, as part of the special feature, exclusively in Different […]


Ode to Devi Durga

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhich Durga we should worship, asks a little girl. Sutapa pays tribute to the mortal Durga and the Goddess, in this verse, in Different Truths. ‘Durga Puja?’ My little Juhi asks And giggles, ‘Will we worship our Durga? She, who sweeps and swabs our home?’   I look at her five-year-old innocence And wonder… Is […]


The Mother

Reading Time: 1 minuteShail invokes Goddess Mother Durga, in a verse, in Different Truths Mother has come home visiting her children like she does every year for nine days in various forms and hues – the epitome of power, compassion, and love. All-encompassing I see her in everything, every day – in the largest of occurrences, in the […]


Can we Achieve Perfect Harmony through Gender Justice?

Reading Time: 5 minutesKolkata-based young lawyer, Vedatrayee, dwells on the subject of gender justice. She examines it socio-politically, in the historical perspective, to challenge established biases, in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive. Sunil was in a hurry to leave for school. Sheetal, his younger sister was packing his bag for him. Savitri their mother opened the […]


Vipassana: A Logical Meditative Process through Self-observation

Reading Time: 4 minutesBroadly, ‘mindfulness’ defines any sort of meditation. Vipassana means ‘to see things as they really are’. It is a logical process through self-observation. This form of meditation was discovered by Gautam Buddha, more than 2500 years ago. For several years, he used to heal people through simply Vipassana meditation. Navodita unravels the secrets of Vipassana, […]


Three Healthy Eating Habits you should Indoctrinate in Your Child

Reading Time: 2 minutesRitambhara cautions us about keeping a close watch at what our children eat and how to ensure healthy eating habits in them, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld Healthy eating habits go a long way in maintaining […]


A Wonder that is India!

Reading Time: 6 minutesAmit, our Editor-at-Large (Europe), highlights the schism between Hindu politics (Hindutva) and Hinduism, the Sanatan Dharma. This article is an attempt to highlight how Hindu and other Indian religious traditions contributed to communal peace and harmony. A Different Truths exclusive. Amidst rising intolerance against religious minorities, increasing restrictions on freedom of expression and speech in […]


Do Games Kill: Lonely Children, Companionship, and Secure Future

Reading Time: 5 minutesDespite technological advances, we have little time for our children. The Blue Whale Challenge is a grim reminder. Tapati reminds us of the Indus Valley Civilisation, where archaeologists had unearthed a City of Toys. Even a generation or two back, children played lots of games and had plenty of companionship. She reminds us of the […]