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  • Kannur: Where Beauty and Death go Hand in Hand

  • Madhuri Dixit: The Prima Donna of Indian Cinema

  • Islamic Contributions to Science

  • Balraj Sahni, An Activist Writer-Actor, believed a Good Actor is a Good Person

  • Man and his Universe: Evolution of Chemical Elements – II

  • Right of Housing in India and Forced Eviction: Does the Disadvantaged have Enough Protection?

  • Man and his Universe: Understanding the Formation of Galaxies is the Key to our Cosmic History

  • Buro Shibtola: Oracles and Miracles Prove the Prowess of Shiva till date!

  • A Tour into the Fearsome, Doomed World of the Freemantle Prison

  • Jaya Bachchan is Another Name for Elan, Stoicism, and Dignity

Is a 12-year-old too Sexy to Play Chess?

Payal takes a hard look at the sexist behaviour of men in the patriarchal society. She points out how a mere child, a 12-year-old girl, was told that her dress was inappropriate. She discusses some such issues in the sports world, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Date: April 14, 2017 Venue: National […]


Telomeres: The Aglets of our Cells

Telomeres are the aglets of human cells. Like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces, these are sheaths or caps at the end of each strand of the DNA; they facilitate cell division and prevent our chromosomes from fraying or fusing into each other, so that our genetic data is protected from getting jumbled. […]


Karan Johar and Kunal Khemu Celebrate Birthdays on May 25

A star-child, Karan Johar, carved a niche for himself in Bollywood. He is known for his candid opinions, despite the rough weather he had to face. Kunal Khemu shares his birthday with Karan. A gifted child actor, he has matured into a talented actor on the silver screen. Smriti profiles them, in the regular column, […]


Desperately Seeking Readers

Desperately seeking suggestions, humourist Soumya, a newbie blogger, seeks advice from the veterans, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Dearest Sir or Madam, more likely the latter, Please guide a confused babe in the woods in this confusing virtual world of letters, where writers outnumber readers by a ratio of 10:1. That is […]


The Communication of Identity

We tend to unconsciously construct identities of ourselves but also form identities of other groups who we identify as different from through communication, based on stereotypes. These stereotypes or prejudices act as barriers towards successful intercultural communication. Seattle-based Chhavi examines the communication of identity issues, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. “Culture is […]


Denial of Ego, Upholding Truth and Nonviolence are the Essence of Yoga

There is an important element to the dimension of inner life – that’s the submission and denial of the ego is the greatest good for an individual. This is the first vow. There are Sanskrit sayings which praise the two other vows of Satya and Ahimsa as among the highest principles of Dharma or righteousness. […]



Here’s a love poem by Shameena, in Different Truths. For there is none whom I have met To see what’s there I’ll never let When you touched within, I knew, Smother off my chest will clear the blue. I’ve learned to grow up rather fast With so much future and not much past Of things […]


Kannur: Where Beauty and Death go Hand in Hand

The agrarian peasant-landlord clashes that turned feudalism on its head in Kerala provided a fertile hunting ground for Communists. And this erstwhile fief of the12th Century Hindu Kolathiri Rajahs and the 17th century Muslim Sultanate of Arakkal soon became the nurturing ground of great political activism. The spread of Communism and the birth of the […]


My Dream Man: A Romance with a Pink Cover and Kamasutra Drawings

Humourist Soumya reviews an M&B kind of Romance, My Dream Man, by Aditi Bose, in his style. An exclusive in Different Truths. The stewardess scrutinis­­ed the book in my hand and gave me an amused look, or so I thought. My co-passengers too seemed to share her views. Maybe I was oversensitive, having been ribbed […]


I will get you a Condom!

Here’s a fiction by Kumar, where a university student shares his experiences among his group of friends, guzzling beer. An interesting story, full of twists and turns, exclusively in Different Truths. “I will never make out with a girl at her home.” “Bhai isse chaddh gayi hai…he is talking rubbish. No more beers for him.” […]