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  • In Pursuit of an Elusive Akhand Bharat

  • One Less Ma

  • Diplomatic Struggle of India against Racial Apartheid[1] in South Africa and its Contemporary Hypocrisy on Human Rights

  • Lord Archibald Fenner Brockway: An Englishman with an Indian Soul

  • Dangerous Portends of Agenda-Driven Verdicts: Justice Must be seen to be done for Credibility

  • Is Subramanian Swamy the Enoch Powell of Indian Politics!

  • Prof. Birbal Sahni: The Father Figure of Paleobotany in Asia

  • Democracy in Danger: FRCA Amended Retrospectively; Has India that is Bharat Already Lost the Plot

  • The Game of Life and Death…

  • A Felt-Need to Refound the Universities That Failed us

Music and the Cusp between Day and Night: Songs on Dusk from the Fifties to the Seventies

Reading Time: 4 minutesMusic and poetry have been beautifully wedded in the songs of dusk in Hindi film songs where words become perfect pegs to showcase music aesthetically. The collapse of the dying day or anti-aubades is viewed by songwriters in Mumbai film industry with varying moods. Shaam could be a prelude to seduction, of frivolous banter, a time for […]


Capt. Devika: An Officer and a Lady, who Personified Courage

Reading Time: 5 minutesMaj. Gen. Raj recounts the true story of a brave lady doctor, Capt. Devika Gupta, and how she risked her life and limbs to save a wounded soldier. An engrossing anecdote, for Different Truths.  A true-life war zone incident of a lady doctor of the Indian Army, her story of grit and Hippocrates Oath that doctors […]


My Service to Mankind

Reading Time: 1 minute In this verse, Ashok tells us about his commitment as a poet and a person, exclusively for Different Truths. I woke up for humanity  I walk and walk for peace  I learn from my knowledge  I believe in non-violence    I work for my humble brains  I write for society welfare  I teach for brotherhood  […]


G-String Holding the Alliance Together: Congress Slowly Getting Back to Centre of Action

Reading Time: 4 minutesOpposition unity has still a long way to go, blighted as it is by individual personal ambitions. There are wheels within wheels in the opposition. And when Rahul Gandhi says, “we will work with the opposition to defeat the BJP”, he places himself and the Congress outside the pale of the “opposition”, as if the […]


New Kerala Labour Policy to Make State Investor-Friendly

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe most significant feature of the new policy is the commendable attempt to make the state labour-friendly. A refreshing effort which is in glaring contrast to the attempts by the Centre and many states to heap more misery on the hapless labourers, who are already groaning under the burden of astronomical prices. A report, for […]


Constitutional Crisis Post-Karnataka Election Results: Supreme Court has set Precedence

Reading Time: 5 minutesMuch has been written about the significance of the Karnataka developments for the wider Indian politics, and whether it signifies the coming together of the major opposition parties to take on the all-powerful might of Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo. But what is of equal importance is the critical role of the Courts to remain vigilant, […]


Ominous Silence of Advani on Karnataka Crisis: BJP Patriarch Must be Regretting Backing Modi

Reading Time: 4 minutesAdvani’s friends and well-wishers describe him as a real statesman, it is doubtful whether he could be accorded with this salutation. None of his actions in recent times, precisely after Modi took over as the prime minister, reflects that ethos. His silence on the Karnataka developments has turned him suspect in the eyes of some […]


BJP Seeks to Take India towards a One-Party State

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe one nation concept, as the Prime Minister would have it, embodies one law, one tax, one religion, one culture, one language, etc. Federalism, as understood at present and constitutionally delineated, would be gradually on the way out. We see already a beginning in the carefully defined Terms of Reference of the 15th Finance Commission, […]


Banks Being Penalised While Big Fraudsters are at Large

Reading Time: 4 minutesQuizzically, PNB, a victim of the world’s biggest bank fraud ever, is out of RBI’s first prompt corrective action (PCA) list. The biggest global bank fraudster, Nirav Modi, who is also facing the trial of the US Department of Justice, is still out of the reach of Indian authorities. The question is: will PCA truly […]


In Pursuit of an Elusive Akhand Bharat

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe political dialogue has changed completely from a hitherto common plank that was to some extent regardless of caste, creed or religion to one with religious overtones that favor Hinduism or to be fair the concept of ‘Hindutva’ propagated by the parent body of the Lotus. Underlying it is the belief that India is actually […]