Ma Durga

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Maya prays to the Mother Goddess, the one who had slain the powerful demon kings, . Here’s a for the Durga Puja special feature, in Different Truths.

Spurred by power 
Intoxicated by their feats
The demons called Shumbha and Nishumbha
Had snatched Indra’s Kingdom. 
Began performing the offices of Wind and Fire. 
The angels aghast, 
were thrown out of Heavens. 

The angels upon their knees pleaded to Jagdamba, 
Oh mother! Thou the creator, the life force, the destructive agent! 
Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namoh Namah! 
Save us, oh Ma! From their wrath!

There appeared a dazzling damsel
Illuminating the entire range of Himalayas, with brows high and features sublime. 
“Tathaastu!” She said. 

The demons were held in awe, 
spellbound by her soft demeanour and charms unbound. 

They immediate reached Shumbha, 
uttered with breaths still not at ease. 

“She’s a rare gem of a woman gleaming with charms divine, 
You possess the rarest of the world's riches. 
With that jewel your riches will, for sure, more shine. 
Marry her, ravish her, you or your brother 
Thou the of Kings!

“If this be so, carry her my tidings 
She should come to my place 
Or will have to face disgrace.”

The messengers of evil and conceit
did again the goddess Durga reach. 

Durga heard them with made up innocence
and smiled a smile divine! 

“Shumbha and Nishumbha are the greatest of the Kings, I agree. 
They are the conquerors of many a land. 
But I alas, am sworn to wed
the one who makes me bite the dust at arms.”

The demons stood with mouths agape, 
such arrogance in a womanly drape! 

“Have your wits gone to wool gathering
Our masters have acquired the best gems of the world! 
Many have been browbeaten by them, choked with soot. 
You, a woman! Will you pick arms? How will you boot?

“I agree, I agree but what to do? 
I foolishly have taken the vow. 
What can I do if they defeat me and drag me by my hair? 

If that be my fate, 
Let it be so. 
Go carry my message upright 
I’m but a fragile woman. 
Immense their might.”

Durga smiled the smile again. 
Mischief at work. 
So are the plans divine. 

©Maya Khandelwal

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Maya Khandelwal

Maya Khandelwal

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