A Lucrative Proposal

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Shauni Mukherjee’s boss Rudra Sanyal offered a lucrative proposal to her. It was a one-way ticket to the slippery ladder in the corporate world. It was an offer that promised windfall. What would young and ambitious Shauni do? What would she gain and what would she lose? Sunita takes us through the strange twists and turns of fate in this gripping short story, a fictional account inspired by few real life incidents. Here’s a weekly column, , introduced from this week. It will appear every Sunday exclusively in .

Shauni Mukherjee was getting ready for her office, when the doorbell rang. Irritated by the disturbance at this odd hour, she opened the door. To her surprise, she found her boss outside. She was taken aback and had mixed emotions. But smart and confident Shauni Mukherjee, welcomed her boss with a disarming inside her flat at 31, Hindustan Park, Kolkata.

Rudra Sanyal, the CEO of Sanyal & Associates, a 55-year- old shrewd and cunning businessman seated himself in the luxurious sofa and admired the beautifully decorated interiors of the flat. Shauni asked him for a coffee, which he declined. He was a quickie and a straightforward person so he wasted no time and started telling the cause of his sudden visit to Shauni.

He had come with a lucrative proposal, which might open many doors for Shauni and catapult her to the top level of the company, a high flying corporate honcho. But it had a high price tag. She had to be bold (read no moral qualms) and genuinely interested to accept it. Shauni took a day’s time and Rudra agreed. In fact, he gave her the day off to think over it. After he left, Shauni undressed and lazed on the bed thinking over the proposal. She knew it was a one-way road. There was no turning back, ever.

Rudra Sanyal told her to entertain one of his highly esteemed client and depending on her ‘performance’ the company would get a Rs. 250 crore-project, out of which 10% of the amount, promotion to top rank with lucrative perks, a Mercedes Benz, and a foreign holiday package would be her ‘gift’ (read brokerage).

Shauni is today’s woman, 28 years old, ravishing, sexy, bold, and sensuously beautiful. Along with all these she is highly ambitious. She has a fiancé, Rishabh with whom she has passionate physical intimacy. They are to be married by the end of the year. Shauni thought to herself to agree to this offer because if she didn’t, someone else would. Many ambitious women are waiting for such an opportunity. She deeply thought all the pros and cons and felt it’s a better idea to have substantial savings before .

But, she had to be away for three days and two nights and owed Rishabh an explanation. So she thought of calling him up right then and spend the day so that he has no suspicions whatsoever.

Rishabh is pleasantly surprised at this love call and immediately reached her flat. He is a young, handsome guy of 30 years and loved Shauni, truly and passionately. They had few glasses of beer with snacks. They hurriedly undressed each other and made loving. The sight of Shauni’s uncovered body was enough to arouse Rishabh and he caressed her, held her close to him and made love with passions. Slowly as they finished it off, they had lunch ordered, ate, fed each other and slept in each other’s arms. When in the evening Rishabh woke, he tickled Shauni and embraced her tightly in his arms. They made love again and sparks flew off, slowly the flame burnt away, as the lovers were happily satiated.

Shauni was waiting for the moment, when Rishabh, fully satisfied had a big smile. She broke the news then that she had been ordered to go for an official trip to for two nights and three days. Toying with his thick hair, she cooed that if the seminar and presentation went off well and she clinched the deal, there would be no looking back for them. And that after she returned she would contact him. Rishabh was surprised that without the cell phone she had to attend the seminar and the presentation. Anyway, he was very much happy that all this was for their future. He readily agreed. He left after lots of loving hugs and kisses.

Shauni immediately dialled her boss, Rudra’s number. He answered her saying that he was confident that she would accept the proposal. It was decided that the next day, early in the morning, Shauni will check into a swanky, five star luxury resort, at Raichak, near the Ganges. Prem Sharma would join her there with Rudra.

Painting: Subrato Gangopadhyay

Painting: Subrato Gangopadhyay

Shauni intricately put on her makeup and took some sizzling clothes in a travel bag. She called Rudra and then took a cab and headed towards her destination. She was looking gorgeous with a chiffon saree, pearl jewellery and open hair. Her beautiful manicured hands were looking exquisite with the halter neck blouse. She reached and checked in her room and called for the room service to give her a cuppa hot coffee. The luxurious room was beautifully decorated with . She messaged her boss about her arrival. She was known for her punctuality.

Enter Prem Sharma, her partner for the next three days. Shauni had heard that he was nearly 60 years old and was expecting an aged, elderly person. She had no inhibitions for looks maybe because she had taken this as a professional job. But the moment Prem entered the room and was introduced to her by Rudra, Shauni was pleasantly taken aback.

Prem was a hunk. A tall muscular man, mature in his looks, salt and pepper hair, gelled and tied neatly in a small pigtail. He was too handsome and well maintained for his age. Shauni was highly impressed and could see admiration in Prem’s eyes for her. The three of them had a round of drinks with some snacks and Rudra left wishing them a ‘happy and pleasant stay’.

They kept on drinking and talking for a while. Shauni was a bit tipsy. She felt nice to be with the handsome hunk, Prem, tall, dark and damaging. He had the likeable bad-boy glint in his eyes that women find so irresistible.

They were seated on a sofa. Prem asked her if she would like to have some more of drinks. She declined. Prem came closer to her and whispered something in her ears, which made Shauni blush. He was asking if she was ready to have fun. He got up, and undressed himself.

With only his boxer on, Shauni could see a , hot stud standing tall and she was simply attracted to him. She stood and slowly went close to him, held him close to her and kissed him on his lips. Prem was a reputed player in this love game and started stroking the sensuous parts and excited Shauni. After the foreplay, when both were ready, they went for the final game, a wild and savage lovemaking. Shauni had never felt so much satisfied with Rishabh till date, what she had experienced then. After the climax, they freshened up and ordered for the lunch.

After lunch, Prem showed some more of his prowess in lovemaking. He was an expert and a sex machine, nothing could exhaust him. Shauni was in total awe of him. She was feeling as if she is falling in love with him, but knew very well it’s just a professional deal and Prem was a hard-core womaniser. But still she couldn’t stop herself from feeling attracted to this awesome person. The whole evening was a gala one, with some pool games and a beautiful dinner. Prem had sparkling wit and a great sense of humour, which added to his sex appeal.

Shauni couldn’t help comparing him with Rishabh and each time Prem was capturing her thoughts. But he never seemed to feel the same way, Shauni tried in different ways to get emotional with him but Prem was just a gentleman with only physical desires.

At night, he showed some his wild side and gave Shauni the sexual experiences, which she had only seen in the porn till date. He was a beast on bed and each time came out with a unique technique to seduce and satisfy her. From foreplay to climax, he made Shauni want for more and more. At last, when it was 3am, both exhausted, fell asleep, totally satiated.

Next day, they went for a swim. Prem was a hunk with a toned body in his swimming trunk and when Shauni opened her sarong and came out with a skimpy rainbow coloured bikini, Prem couldn’t help gasping his breath. He marvelled at her finely , too hot for an Indian girl, he thought to himself that Bong girls are super sexy. Both swam and later had some breakfast. In the room, they were busy playing amorous love and sex games, sometimes hide and seek, sometimes bondage. Each time it was more exciting and erotic then the previous one. Hours passed and little did Shauni realise that she never missed Rishabh, a single moment.

That was the last night. Prem made it special by a candle dinner in their room, soft music, wine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers had been ordered. Shauni felt so special. After drinks, they both danced slowly and sensuously, in each other’s arms. The soft music and the romantic ambience cast a magic spell and Shauni never wanted this moment to end. But it ended, and soon they had a lovely dinner. After all this was over, Prem ordered some ice cream and both enjoyed it together. Prem took Shauni on his lap, and rubbed ice cream on her face and took off her flimsy baby doll dress. He held her close to himself and whispered, “Love you, Baby”, softly in her ears. Shauni was stunned and asked if he was serious. He laughed off. He started caressing her and fondling her shapely full breasts against his broad chest. Shauni was hurt but controlled herself and gave in to the foreplay. Prem made love for two hours, and was thoroughly satisfied. He wanted to sleep now because he had to catch the morning flight. Shauni was also tired and dozed off.

When she woke up, the room was empty. She saw a letter on the bedside table, under her cell phone. Quickly she read it and, her eyes were full of tears. It was written by Prem, “Dear princess, I am leaving early because I cannot wish you goodbye. I have come across many women but never felt emotional towards anyone. It’s the first time after my late wife, I fell in love with you. But it’s too late now Honey, because I received a mail (I did not check it earlier) two days back.

“My biopsy results confirmed cancer. No one in my family survived the killer disease. I do not know how long I will live. Time is running out. I can’t afford to cause a disaster in your life. Otherwise, I would have proposed you for marriage. Anyway, I may not live to see you again, but I completed the deal with Sanyal, as per the agreed conditions. But, when as I reach Mumbai, I wish to transfer a portion of my corporation’s legal rights to you, as a gift for your wedding. My Solicitor will get in with you. Give him the details and documents he asks for. Please accept this as a token of love and admiration. I will never forget these two nights of my life till I die. Thank you for making my last days happier. “With Love, Prem.”

Prem had written the note in a neat, cursive , on the resort’s stationary. Shauni was sitting on the bed controlling her tears and deciding the next step of her life. She missed Prem terribly, wanted to call him and say she was ready to marry him in spite of his life threatening disease. She just longed to be with Prem. And the next thing she did was to dial Prem’s cell phone number and book the next flight ticket to Mumbai.

She felt time was running out for her…

©Nitasu aka Sunita Paul

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Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul

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