Lost Identity

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Here’s a poignant about identity, by Alisha, in Different Truths.

Consciously lost,

I’m lost because I wanna be,

I’m lost on purpose.

There’s no identity thief.

Don’t wanna reach the ,

Don’t wanna walk the crossroads.


I’m driving through the city

with raindrops falling on my windshield,

The air is cold and the night is old,

I take wrong turns on purpose,

I just don’t wanna go home.


But why? I’m screaming inside,

“someone just tells me why?!”

Stop playing this cruel joke,

It’s just not funny anymore.


Driving through the streets of

I drive through every corner of my mind.

Where is the place where I belong?

Just an inch of space to call my own


I’ve mapped out the layout of the town.

Marked all the bruises and broken .

Searched within the silence of my tears,

But without any . I’m crumbling in fear.

It’s starting to get apocalyptic in here.


I purposefully hide the keys that unlock my .

What am I trying to hide from myself?

What subconscious secret am I trying to forget?

The water rises to the core of my thirsty bones,

Just when it’s about to quench me, it disappears.


I’ll the insides of myself

Just to find my lost self,

But that’s the irony.

I just realised I already have an identity.

It’s being ‘lost’.

©Alisha Fatima

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Alisha Fathima

Alisha Fathima

Alisha is a recent undergraduate in Literature, Communication, and Psychology. She loves words, music, movies, and animals. Her love for poetry emerges from music. Lyrics are for her, the poetry of the modern world. Her voice takes shape through writing and becomes her medium of expression to communicate. She hopes to help people by writing words they can relate to.
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