After the Taste of Juicy Zobo-Blood

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An anti-war poem by Martins, for .

After fuddled in thought
around 12am,
in the serene night
I depleted my thought
which was flitting through my mind
my thought I proffered no ears
but reasoned with me.
When depleted,
it was just like a cannikin tipsy with
and then disgorged.

Night piggybacked me
decoying me to drift off
and letting me not to take to heart
the scene of dratted, bloody war –
which my eyes caught
in the placid gyring screen
(men were moved to war)

What stirred men to bloody war?
What impelled men to gyre in war?
In the serenity perception of mind
heart will proffer them answer
after the taste of juicy Zobo-Blood
running spill from their heart.

©Martins Tomisin

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Martins Tommyson

Martins Tommyson

Martins started writing poems at the age of 18. HIs first poem was titled ''My journey of life'' which rationalised about the journey of Man till his last breath. He is a karate instructor living in Lagos, Nigeria.
Martins Tommyson

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