Aromatic Mint Water and Lemon Water has Healing Properties – IV

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Aromatic mint water and lemon water acts like a panacea. Anumita, our Managing Editor, talks about the magical qualities of this two miracle water, in the fourth part of the five-part serial on Miracle waters. These inexpensive home remedies are time-tested. Find out more, in the weekly column, exclusively in Truths.

In continuation with the miracle waters, we have two more aromatic and flavored waters, mint water and lemon water. Both these water have their distinct flavor and a refreshing . They are well used in the culinary as an ingredient or as a condiment.

Lemons are fruits of the citric variety and often come in different sizes. Lemon has different intensity of acidity and aroma according to the soil and climate it grows in. Mints are leaf herbs. They grow very easily and need less maintenance. Mint leaves are used both fresh and in dried forms. Mint is a major flavoring agent in desserts, drinks and various candies and gums.

Mint Water

Infusing mint in water can be easily done. Fresh mint leaves may be soaked in a of ice water to give a refreshing feel. Slices of lemon with it make it even more flavorful. If fresh mint is not available, boil dry mint in water for a minute. Then strain it and keep it in the refrigerator.  Mint is well known for its capacity to help in digestion. Its light effervescing flavor makes it a favorite in summer drinks and even desserts. Other than food flavor and being an ingredient in many dishes mint water has much beauty uses too.


Mouth Hygiene: Use mint water as a mouth wash to clean and freshen breath. Its cleansing properties clean tongue and kill harmful oral bacteria. Warm mint water can be very helpful for a sore throat by either drinking in little quantities or gargling with it.

Helps Relax: The aroma of mint relaxes muscles and tired brain. Wash the pillow cover with mint infused water and let it air dry. The mint fragrance helps to sleep well. To help with a day filled with many chores, wash a scarf with mint water and wrap it around your neck when dry. The constant aroma drifting from the scarf would keep the nerves calm and so help the day go smoothly

Breast Feeding: Breastfeeding moms often have an issue of nipple cracking or drying. Regular dabbing with mint infused water help to alleviate pain and heal the cracks.

Refreshing Facewash: of summer often kicks the oil glands of the face into . Those who summer from ache and pore blockage, this is not a good news. Too much use of face washing soaps can dry the skin of its natural nutrients. Use the mint infused water to wash face repeatedly to wash away excess oil and leave the face breathing.

Lemon Water

Lemon infused water is one the most favorite drink during the hot summer days. Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar and it would be lemonade. Like most of the miracle waters, lemon water has both health and beauty benefits.

Cures Dizziness: Half a squeezed in a glass of water with a pinch of salt and a spoon of sugar is one of the oldest cure for dizziness.

Relieves Bloating: A glass of lemon water with a pinch of rock salt, early in the morning, helps relieve bloating and constipation. A home remedy second to none.

Sore Throat Remedy: A mild tea with few drops of lemon and honey is the best reviver of a sore throat.

Heals Cracked Heels: Lemon slices might be rubbed on cracked heels.  Repeat alternate days, if the skin is very hard and cracked around the heels.

Reduces Stretch Marks: The acidity in lemon helps bleach and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Direct application of lemon is not advised. Dilute in water and wash affected the area as often as possible. Over exposure to acidic water may cause irritation, so apply a mild moisturiser after the wash.

Nature had given us water, and when water get added with few of other natural elements its value increases. Use natural products and feel more close to the earth. It is not only bio-friendly, it is good for us too.

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