Being Grateful Keeps us Happy

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Suddenly everything became magical. Bina got everything she wanted. She got abundant love, beautiful children, adorable grandchildren, loving friends and a lovely home.  It was magical.  She didn’t ask for it.  Most of her had come true. The secret, says the columnist, was, and is, being grateful, as she gazes inwards, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

We are grateful not because we have the best of everything. When we are grateful for all the little things that we have, we attract the best of everything.

When I look back on it, there was one single undeniable fact that I was happy because I was grateful.  I forgot myself and my pain.  Perhaps I didn’t want others around me unhappy. I wanted to focus on what has to be done, to make things better.  My intuitive mind, foresight, and insight would work, only if my mind was stable. I believed if I was sad, I would transfer that unhappiness to my children, parents and my friends. I forgot myself and focused on my children and others around me. I worked hard so that I forget my sorrow.  Small things made me happy.  I was grateful for the roof I had over my head, the bed that I could sleep on for seven hours peacefully, the soft pillow that I cried into muffling my sobs, the meal I could relish and my spirit that no one could take away.

I looked around and I saw beauty everywhere. I saw it in the orange hued rays of the sunshine, roses with dew drops, the moonlit sky, the fragrance of the wet earth, the flutter of the leaves, twitter of the birds. The ordinary things of life made me happy, the bridge that I cross by, the river that flows, the stars in the sky, lush green grass, raindrops falling on my window sill, the vibrant hills. I realised if I want to be happy, I have to just look around with my beautiful eyes, say loving , hear only what I want to hear, be kind to everyone and hold the hand that needs help. And hey presto! It worked every time.

Suddenly everything became magical. I got everything I wanted. I got abundant love, beautiful children, adorable grandchildren, loving friends and a lovely home.  My home is surrounded by green vibrant hills, butterflies buzz, water bodies ripple, and fragrance of the flowers wafts in through my window. It’s magical.  I didn’t ask for it.  Most of my dreams have been coming true.

Happiness instead of drifting away over the years doubled. I felt blessed and grateful for everything that I had. I was grateful to my father for teaching me to be strong and have high values, to my teachers for making me and kind and to my friends who believed in me. I compared myself to people who did not have, even as much as I had and felt better. I got inspired when I saw people, who were successful because of their hard work or talent. I think all of that helped me, in doubling my happiness. When we feel joy, gratitude, and love, we will draw to ourselves more good things in life.

If we feel sad and depressed, then it’s because we are self-centered and see only our pain, our feelings and forget everyone around us.  That makes us overly sensitive and easily offended. And if we do not put in any effort to change those , then we are preparing ourselves to be in that state of mind. No one can make us feel small with their words if we feel good about ourselves. It’s when we are not happy and when we don’t want to find happiness, the easiest thing one can do is blame others for their unhappiness. It breeds dissatisfaction. The world has so much to offer. If we use the senses of our soul: intuition, peace, insight, empathy and trust we can feel empowered and build up our self-esteem.

The better we feel, the happier we will be and we will attract more and more good things in our life. When we feel low we can change that feeling. We can listen to good music, write a poem, look out of our window or play with our children. We can develop hobbies to light the way through the darkness. But if we want to remain in that sad frame of mind, we can sit in that same position, look down, think hundred thoughts, fear, blame others and soon we will feel worse than before. We may end up feeling the whole world is conspiring against us and nothing is working in our favour. That’s our own perception, it’s the way we see it.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is look out of the window.  I feel gratitude for all the things that I have and I’m blessed with. I believe if we are grateful for all that we have, we will attract more and more good things in Life. To attract we have to focus and be happy to soothe the mind that races.  It’s our own choices in life that determine our future. The mantra is being grateful, happy and satisfied with what we have and our dreams will become a reality.

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Bina Pillai

Bina Pillai

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