Beauty is Skin Deep: Have Teenagers Forgotten the Quest for Inner Beauty?

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What teenagers essentially forget is to groom themselves. No, they don’t forget to groom their but what they forget is to groom their . is not what one looks from outside, it is also what one is from the inside. Teens forget to beautify their innermost thoughts, their insights. When they realise, it is too late.

Teenage is full of ‘silly sentimentality’ that lead to overreactions. Teens often mess up with everything in the long run due to hormonal impulses that pull their trigger to commit the worst mistakes one can ever think of. Even if things don't work, they would not leave the field without trying, vainly at times, as if they are the best. One of the most commonly known aspect is beauty. In fact, the adults are also a victim of this mania to look beautiful. It is very thoughtful to say that beauty is the key to all goodness but adolescents and youngsters often misinterpret this goodness as riches and make this profound thought quite thoughtless and empty.

Let me just highlight a few instances. This is the age of seeing and perceiving all that is visually appealing. This appeal is so desirous and so strong that anybody can be easily attracted to the best. What teens wrongly perceive from this idea is the concept of beauty. Beauty is a very short word if just read but when it comes to the beautification of oneself, it becomes deeper and even broader aspect to deal with. Often as the outer beauty, teens try to look their best to receive this fruit of goodness (read riches). They spend hours in front of the mirror looking at themselves, choosing the outfits that would suit them, that would make them look the best. Arranging their hair and make-up become a daily routine rather a routine of every single hour passed. Setting the hair with gels and other stuff, spending hours to decide the haircut that fits their faces and the beauty products that follow up to eradicate all sorts of pimples and blemishes to give the a fresh glow and sparkle become important in the process of looking beautiful (read pretty).

This being the age of selfie and snapshots, a photogenic face is very essential. Hence, beautifying the face is a vital part. Along with the skin, a befitting apparel to wear every time one goes outside is equally important. The fashion magazines and television shows are manuals to guide young brains and acquaint them with the latest trends and styling techniques. The process, howsoever tedious and time consuming, is inseparable from the daily life of adolescents and youngsters.

What teenagers essentially forget is to groom themselves. No, they don’t forget to groom their appearance but what they forget is to groom their inner selves. Beauty is not what one looks from outside, it is also what one is from the inside. Teens forget to beautify their innermost thoughts, their insights. When they realise, it is often too late. As Shakespeare has said that a pretty looking girl is evil hearted and a golden heart is dull and ugly, outer covers never matter in the bigger aspects of opportunities to golden futures. What matters is the inner beauty, what a person is from within. This simple concept never rings in the mind of the trendy age. They are so engrossed in visual appearances that they forget to look into the pages. They forget the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its covers” and end up falling in the trap of looking beautiful, from outside.

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