The Voice

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A storm rages in a voice, dispelling tranquillity. Aparajita, the poet, seeks peace and in her Muse. Here’s a poem that moves from despair to hope, in .

Just a voice

And the Herculean storm

Hides in air.

The scrapped beats now

Cool in the harmonica.

There’s a break in the ,

A little apostrophe in the

The desperation of the poet.

The truce reminds her,

The role of the muse.

An epic role

Which could have altered

The long narrative of


And insert a lyric,

The ebullient, personal lyric

Crying in the symphony

Of longing,



Before the voice united.

©Aparajita Dutta

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Aparajita Dutta

Aparajita Dutta

Aparajita Dutta is a writer, poet, social activist and a research scholar. She has completed her M.Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University in 2015. She has been the contributing author of Tell Me a Story, published by Penguin India. Aparajita has written for other books, magazines, and websites as well. Her interests are football, gender rights, , and translation.
Aparajita Dutta