The Sun-god at Mount Horeb

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An evocative poem to – a to the Sun-god – showing the deep connect with the heavenly bodies in African by Martins, for .

sitting still on
amidst the stark clouds,
sweeping towards the swept
open space between trees
and pawing at white and dark fleshy .

your pale, smirky lemon face
like the grapefruit in Ago-Iwoye Market
scribbles dirt patches on my face
and made my throat to swill water
enough to fill up a tank-container.

Oh Sun-god!
I plead, 
do not douse us all 
from this buzzy day
only ‘dap’ softly softly
into the balmy, cosy night  

©Martins Tomisin

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Martins Tommyson

Martins Tommyson

Martins started writing poems at the age of 18. HIs first poem was titled ''My journey of life'' which rationalised about the journey of Man till his last breath. He is a karate instructor living in Lagos, Nigeria.
Martins Tommyson

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