Staying Alive

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A lyrical love by Sushmita.

My falling in love again and again,

With the wizardry of words,

With the romance of paints,

With the fragrance of lilies,

And with a slowly swelling moon,

That from my unveils,

And with you,

Is not stupidity,

Not even cupidity,


A matter of staying,


©Sushmita Gupta

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Sushmita Gupta

Sushmita Gupta

She writes, paints, listens to music in various languages and genres. She parties and participates in quiz. She teaches children between ages 6 and 12, creating her unique curriculum. She enjoys teaching 100 children. She helps create happy self- for them through art, poetry, experiments, and lots of video driven general knowledge and power point presentations.
Sushmita Gupta

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