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An enigmatic poem by Sushmita that transcends from the personal to the universal, exploring layers of love. 


When my strained breath is relaxed, 

And my rhythm is a swing.

When the flowing breeze is cool,

And the fragrant gardenias are blooming. 

Falling rain is a gentle patter on my ,

And my tired eyes are closing.

The salty sea is lashing at my feet,

And the small grains of sand feel caressing. 

I am all ,

But not painfully lonely….

I know that I am waltzing a slow dance,

With the .

But only,


©Sushmita Gupta

Pic sourced by author.


Sushmita Gupta

Sushmita Gupta

She writes, paints, listens to music in various languages and genres. She parties and participates in quiz. She teaches children between ages 6 and 12, creating her unique curriculum. She enjoys teaching 100 children. She helps create happy self- for them through art, poetry, experiments, and lots of video driven general knowledge and power point presentations.
Sushmita Gupta

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