She Never Saw Him Again

Monika Arora

Monika Arora

“Words are living thing - I believe,” she lives by this idea about life. Monika Arora is a central government employee by work, an artist by choice, a writer by and a homemaker by love and fate. Bronze medallist in a state level essay competition by the vice-president of India. District topper in English. Her crafts have been published by few online journals. Also selected by an international fashion magazine for an upcoming issue.
Monika Arora

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An love of loss and remembrances, by Monika, for Different Truths.

She never saw him again
Their love was very brief
They couldn’t be together
And this was her only grief

The moments are still alive
She remember it all very clear
His , his , his eyes
The mark on his face, near the ear

As she thinks about that past
Sitting all alone in her room
She feels him around her
She could smell his perfume

Yes! They never met again
The confab was very brief
Wearing awhile a windy grace
And passing like an leaf.

©Monika Arora ‘mia’

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