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Here’s a jugalbandi in two poems by Ritamvara (as ) and Ipsita (as ). They have been composing poems in sync with each other. Here are two poems by two gifted poets, a ’s Day special of Different Truths.

You curl up to my ,
Your softness
That of silken
Sand dunes
On a winter night.
Soft sand,
Shimmering in
White .

The halo of your
Infancy is blessed
For you are a receptor
For nothing but love.

And yet …
I feel a storm in your soul
A sandstorm brewing
Even as you sleep
Like a rose,

All furled up
In petal layers
Your core
In sync with

Your skin breathes
And I breathe with it,
Inhaling Jasmine
On a silken night.

Interjected by the rumble
Of a sandstorm brewing …

All the while
I hold you
To my
your eyes
So that all you
See and dream
Are fragrant blossoms

Life’s storms
Can rage
Outside for now

My child sleeps
And she will open
Her eyes
To Peace

©Ipsita Ganguli.


Note: Ritamvara Bhattacharya and Ipsita Ganguli first met on Facebook and were soon bonded in a poetic “mother-daughter” fondness. They regularly write spin offs on each others pieces

Here is one such composition, Peace I & II.

The former is written from the child’s mind craving peace from her mother, a solace for her torments.

The latter is from the mind of a mother, who knows that even though she wants to protect her child from life, there will be ups and downs. Yet she is determined to bring up her child to peace!

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Ipsita Ganguli

Ipsita Ganguli

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