Once I met Life

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A poignant poem by Shernaz.

During the passage from to date
I once encountered Life on the way
She beckoned. Urged me to engage in the moment
I ignored. Hummed and traipsed to my whiny tune,
dreamt and rued, planned and failed, sought and lost.

I darted around in the wings; left now, then to the right
Through one door that said ‘Past’; to another
that opened into a void I could not fathom…
unborn, unmanifest, uncertain ‘

Steadfast, compassionate, she lets her gifts flow to me…
A bit of pain, some sorrow, heartbreaks and betrayals
Joys and opportunities, laughter and friendship

Seemingly impervious to my see-saw antics
She waits. Endlessly. In the ‘Here and Now’
I sidestepped, hungry for eternity, as she waited.

I met Life but did not heed her wise counsel
I let her pass me by while I am still !

©Shernaz Wadia

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Shernaz Wadia

Shernaz Wadia

To Shernaz Wadia, reading and writing poems has been one of the means to embark on an inward journey. She hopes her will bring peace, hope and light into dark corners. Her poems have been published in many e-journals and anthologies. She has published her own of poems "Whispers of the Soul" and another titled "Tapestry Poetry - A Fusion of Two Minds" with her poetry partner Avril Meallem.
Shernaz Wadia