My World

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As a , Maya, has the capacity to create a world that’s her own – away from the divisions and dissensions, the mundane . Here’s an evocative verse, in .

It’s a world of reasons, 
naked truths, 

It’s world out there… 
mundane to the core. 

You can’t find me there. 

Mine is the world, 
where distance matters not, 
where matters not the label, 
where I can send healings from miles apart, to those ailing, 
be blessed from distance too…

Mine is the world
where even separates not… 

I can feel those, 
who, no more, earthly vehicles are, 
talk to them in my mind… 

Mine is the world
where there are no serpents of fake , pride, prejudice, and envy… 
It’s a world at peace! 

Here you can find me. 

©Maya Khandelwal

Maya Khandelwal

Maya Khandelwal

Maya, happily married to writing, is a published author of three - My favourite Mistake Ever, Just Zindagi and A Beautiful Mistake. She’s alsoco-authored I Am a Woman, a tribute to Kamala Das. She’s been a regular contributor at blogsand e- magazines like Womanatics, Bonbology, Learning and Creativity etc. A passionate lover of nature, she can commune with it for hours. Nature, in its various guises, enthrals her.
Maya Khandelwal

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