Loving You

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Here’s an intense love by Nilakshi, in Different Truths, that catalogues her love.


Let me talk of love…


Of Fossil fragrance

Of rock-hard chest

Of ponytailed haze

Of man-bun frame

Paco guitar

And Rodin-hands.


Derelict muscles

Toothless grin


Blazing eyes

Cushiony hands

Grey- beard

Wodehouse wit

And Saigal songs.


Picasso pate

Wit-rimmed specs

Baritone calls

Stingray touch

Rattlesnake moves

Mehdi ghazal

And a Pompeii heart.

©Nilakshi Roy

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Nilakshi Roy

Nilakshi Roy

Dr. Nilakshi Roy, an Associate Professor, of English, at Vaze College, is an academic writer and writes poetry for Different Truths. Her other writing is chiefly on saris, published in Different Truths and The Ladies Finger.
Nilakshi Roy

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