Lakshmi: Maid for Each Other!

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Poornima talks of two Lakshmis, a Goddess, and a maid. One ever , seated on a throne, while the other, toiling hard, very worried. A poignant poem, in .

Lakshmi, Goddess with four hands, ever smiling, welcoming

Curvy, energetic and embellished with imitation jewellery and a crisp cotton saree

Yet always glittering; an epitome of grace and charm

As if sitting on soft petals

Nimble feet

Contemplating cosmic syncs



Our Lakshmi was anything but these

She was about 40 or so she guessed

She came in a synthetic saree (easy-to-dry in monsoons too)

With a mismatched, ill-fit

Because her lender was slender


She walked in with an urgency to kill ten men

As though the dusk meant their reincarnation

Which she didn’t approve of

Her hair was thick, as dark as her skin

A flower unfailingly bloomed somewhere amidst

The tight trail of her plaited scalp


Her Kannada was rustic

And , barbaric

But she managed eight households

With quite some magic

While hers slowly burnt into ambers

With five hungry mouths who rarely complained

And one who always tore her into bits

With either a slap, a punch, or a vessel, anything that could be lifted;

Thrown at her;

For not doing enough

For not being a woman enough

For not being a man enough


Her days were filled with worries

About school fees, daughters’ menstruation, their safety, an unwilling son

Who refused to study but was her only beacon

Her were filled with fights

About other women he chose, his expenses, his inefficiency to be

Anything but an animal


Our Lakshmi was anything but composed

Cussed with all her , wore her tongue inside out

Strung flowers in the evening for the temples

Hid her money in the steel box of rice

Watched her Tamil soaps and movies

Smiled at the mention of “Thalaiva”

Dreaming of a

Of a life like ‘ours’

Only to realise that everyone here

Doomed in myriad ways like her.

©Poornima Laxmeshwar

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