Just Friends

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A poignant and intense poem about and . A poem with strong submerged love, by Sushmita, in Different Truths.

That winter night,
You should have stayed on,
With me through,
Instead of leaving me,
Half asleep in my bed,
Under the warm blanket,
But feeling cold.
When else,
Will I ever wake up,
In yours,
While snow gently falls,
On the solitary mountain top,
Outside the balcony,
Of your and my rooms.
Though we sipped red wine,
It was not,
From the same balloon glass.
Though we chatted till wee hours,
It was not,
Leaning against the wall together,
Cozily next to each other,
But sitting opposite.
Though we talked about love,
It was not,
For each other,
Even once.
We are just ,
After all.

©Sushmita Gupta

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Sushmita Gupta

Sushmita Gupta

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