I Wanna

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A soulful love by Maya, for .

I wanna
kick up the heels! 

I wanna
with You
my love. 

I wanna
some soul-stirring music 
singing lullaby
to us. 

I wanna
and ripple
with the virgour of passion. 

I wanna
have crackling bonfires. 

Solitary walks. 

Long drives. 

Gypsy discovered within. 

I wanna be 
swaying to the song, 
of my soul-
flowing stream kind. 

in the bewitching
called life, 
an essential part, 
of my being. 

©Maya Khandelwal

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Maya Khandelwal

Maya Khandelwal

Maya, happily married to writing, is a published author of three - My favourite Mistake Ever, Just Zindagi and A Beautiful Mistake. She’s alsoco-authored I Am a Woman, a tribute to Kamala Das. She’s been a regular contributor at blogsand e- magazines like Womanatics, Bonbology, Learning and Creativity etc. A lover of nature, she can commune with it for hours. Nature, in its various guises, enthrals her.
Maya Khandelwal

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