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Here’s a political poem by Kabir that lays bare the schemes by those in power, in Different Truths.

Larger, engulfing voids are being hidden 

With a bunch of small effective holes 

Bigger roads constructed to hide the smaller ones

Because who cares for “Small” 

It’s not the game of hide and seek 

It’s the game of ruling for creating mass oppression

Thousands saved to hide the assassination of

No one measures the amount of piled up bodies

Neither the litres of and tears

Because no one is left to measure

We have always known a battle exists 

But here a ruler rules who worries little for

The word “survival” is for the fighters 

Not for the person who just enjoys death

Years will pass without a glance 

Towards the larger void of hindrance 

And one day there won’t be a single room left 

For the to be rebellious enough

Then only they will know how they stabbed themselves. 


©Kabir Deb

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Kabir Deb

Kabir Deb

Kabir Deb was born in Haflong and completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. After that completed his Graduation and Masters from Assam University, Assam. Poetry has been his passion and a hobby from his . He wants change the society with the power of poetry. He believes that society can destroy the most destructive force in the society and create a better tomorrow.
Kabir Deb

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