From Silence to Resilience!

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Here’s an inward-looking, women-centric poem where Aishwarya talks of her voyage, her and strengths, for .

as I pondered in silence…

my reeled before me

from when I’d my sensibilities

a myriad of collages replayed

some clear, some cluttered,

yet, somehow they all mattered!


a journey indeed ~

it’s been for me…

from innocence to ,

melancholy to serendipity,

seen it all, done it all, and

learned from every climb n’ fall

there were the lows n’ the highs

ensembled with the worldly sighs!


awed, stricken, diffident n’ disdained

every emotion within me has been raked

been a wreck when filled with void

but have also experienced the sheer

bouncing back has been a pattern of my life

through every crisis, windfall, and strife!


Destiny’s favourite child, that is me ~

I’ve accepted it now and set myself free

in the depth of silence, I found the key

resilience, it shall be until eternity!

©Aishwarya Damodar

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Aishwarya Damodar

Aishwarya Damodar

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