Ecstatic Dream

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An intense sensuous by Nandita, in Different Truths.

Creeping into the velvet
The hour of midnight comes falling softly
Where wondrous are created
The memories start evoking my
I cannot resist the seductive murmurs, 
Hungrily feast in the pit of your verve 
Impaled with lust, like a shrimp on a skewer. 

My eyes are mesmerised in a yearning
My warm chamber flutters fragile as a butterfly
The crystal clear velvet canopy starts breathing
Igniting sparks that inflame a mosaic of stars
In the ornamental night sky.

The silver moon the night like a lantern,
As I count each step climbing to another world.
Breeze playing softly in the background,
My eyes embrace a silent space between you and a dream.

In fluidic moments caressed by a rhythm
The dark night in mystic potency
My hungry merges into a world
Of melted oomph and sensual sighs
Languorous strokes trace my texture
and curves,
In rhapsodic heat gently burn me inside
Making me shudder in ecstasy.

©Nandita Samanta

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Nandita Samanta

Nandita Samanta

A science graduate and an ex-Biology teacher; a trilingual poet (English /Hindi/Bengali), short story writer, painter and a dancer. Born in West Bengal, a resident of Salt Lake, Kolkata. Nandita spent her childhood in different states. It enriched her literary journey. Her writings are published in various international and national anthologies, magazines, webzines, newspapers, and journals. She writes on vivid themes, based on her observations on life, love, ambition, nature, culture, folklore, mythology, etc.
Nandita Samanta