Distance and Destined

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Here’s a love from Lata, in Different Truths.

Far away from your city, sitting beneath the stars,
my heart and sensible mind were a deadly war.
One we are but living apart, that’s how this relation starts.
The connected heart can hear you aloud, whether you and I live in an unknown town.
The soul trembles and my hands do the same,
the pain of distance makes me insane.
The pole star is not so bright, its  hour when the pain arise.
The draped the so tight,
but my eyes are still searching for your .
The clock turned to morning hours,
sun was about to gleam at the tower.
But the was still prevailing on my lips,
waiting for you until my breath sinks.

©Lata Rathore

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Lata Rathore

Lata Rathore

Lata Rathore works in the postal deparment. She is a post graduated inpublic administration from I.G.N.O.U. She belives that words act as mirror for our thoughts. She writes poems in Hindi too.
Lata Rathore

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