Blessing my Dad

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Sushmita pays her homage to her on ’s Day.

They say,
Some light from the lamp,
Some sound from,
Chanting of scriptures,
Is all,
And only,
What remains,
With the ,
After it sheds the body,
Before it merges,
With the .
Then comes,
For the birth next.

My dad,
Left me,
Years eleven ago.

I am still stuck,
To that date.

But I also know,
He is now,
A little life somewhere,
Living out his wisdom,
Gathered from being,
Father to my little sister and me, 
to my Mamma,
And much else to others.

I miss him dearly sometimes,
But only sometimes.                                                   
Time really heals.

But also,
Very quietly,
Very tenderly,
I still wish for him,
To read my writings,
To love my paintings, 
Exact same way,
When I used to run to him,
To show them,
When I was little.
Always blessing me.
He, the daddy,
Me, his little girl.

When I think of him,
My lips,
Break into a smile.
My heart fills,
With love,
And ,

For the,
He must be.

©Sushmita Gupta

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Sushmita Gupta

Sushmita Gupta

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