Bird Watching

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An avid bird watcher, Mamta, takes us through the joys of in this beautiful and excellent photographs. 

An is just that, an
and, then there is bird watching.

To begin with it’s a fascination
with earth’s greatest expression
music, grace, and inspiration
birding, is not just an addiction.

Every walk is brimming with anticipation
each stroll down the garden path, an expedition
every park, a wilderness beyond description
birding, is not just an addiction.

Windows, balconies, verandahs, seats of observation
flowers, fruits even insects, take on another definition
every , a benediction
birding, is not just an addiction.

Come winter, witness the greatest of migrations
moults and plumages, no less than science fiction
flight paths and passages, wonders of navigation
birding, is not just an addiction.

Soon it evolves into an indication
of the turn of seasons, of co-habitation
freedom of soaring the without
birding, is not just an addiction.

As it grows, one realises a feel of obligation
tool for study, finally ecological conservation
binocs and cameras, the only
birding, is not just an addiction.



Pix by author.

Mamta Muttreja

Mamta Muttreja

A lecturer with over two decades of experience with young adults by profession, post graduate in fabric and apparel sciences by education, an aviation consultant by choice, a writer for better or for verse, a photographer and birder by addiction.
Mamta Muttreja

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