How Chetna Broke the Glass Ceiling!

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Chetna Teckchandani, a meritorious student, walked out of a marriage and carved a niche for herself. A graphology and graphotherapy expert, she explores the connection between handwriting and the human mind. Roxy profiles the brave , who is an inspiration to many, in the weekly column, exclusively in .

Behind every successful woman is a gentleman who was raised by a powerful woman­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ~ Chetna Teckchandani

I don’t have a designated cubby hole for myself in my flat. But my comfort zone lies in any nook or cranny which allows me the luxury of my column and my second novel. Throw that in with a plank of wood to cushion my laptop and I consider myself a lucky woman.

Sometimes a feeling of resentment does creep inside that despite being a published I am begrudged a study of my own. But today morning the only sentiment I possessed was admiration for this lovely lady called Chetna Teckchandani and her many accomplishments.

She was born in Mumbai to a well-educated family. Like most who inherit such a lineage she too proved to be a meritorious child.  Yes, slightly partial to subjects like microeconomics and consumer behaviour. But that was her prerogative.

Many uncertainties created havoc in her system. But Chetna was sure that a corporate job and its perks were not her cup of tea. For she was what you call a ‘little people’s person’.  And having said that I mean quite emphatically that she was geared to work with innocent minds. She gathered degrees in pre -primary teachers training alongside her Masters in management.

It was during this period that Chetna found her being drawn towards graphology (handwriting analysis). And this was not a simple case of killing the cat. She wanted to explore the connection between handwriting and the human mind.

Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, she managed this interval by heading the retail team of a floral design studio and studying further.

This pretty girl realised her calling in the form of and empowered herself by pursuing her post-graduation in marketing management. With her horizons expanded and under the tutelage of her boss, Chetna engaged in a certificate course in graphology, in 2016.

Our protagonist doesn’t need a heart to heart talk to understand a person. She has a novel method of reading your mind. Graphology is an in-depth science in which your handwriting becomes your DNA sample. It reveals your behaviour and approach to the future. Corporates in their zeal to recruit the ideal candidate have adopted it as new age hiring tool. Graphology has found its way as usage by couples to check their compatibility quotient.

The next step in this exquisite subject is graphotherapy, which is reverse psychology. Here you consciously make changes in the writing pattern to have a change in the subconscious mind. So what you have is a healthy combination of science and art.


Needless to say, Chetna makes celebrities out of her clients. It sets them on the road to confidence and self-esteem. You become your own hero. In this exciting and challenging new trade of hers, she has met a range of people. From investment bankers, philanthropists, bestselling to name a few.

As Chetna says it’s about the beautiful mind hidden behind the lines, curves, and strokes of your words. Yes, one word of caution is the need of discretion and an equal measure of judiciousness as you are entering another person’s psyche. She aims to simplify graphology and transform it into a fun loving . And she believes there is a story behind each moral.

She now conducts various programs and training sessions. In these programs, she delicately assists you to become self-aware, unleash your creativity and design a unique work and life balance.

Chetna is not a feminist in the true sense of the word but out of loyalty towards her gender, she has created an enterprising model termed, Woo the woman in you.

This was to implement leadership skills, assertiveness and achieving a work and life balance.  Woo the woman strategises a self-space between you and your loved one.  It emphasises on the need to facilitate your inner feeling and ignore illogical man-made laws and theories.

And for this charming girl with such a mature head on her slender shoulders life too has had its share of downsides.

Chetna was all but twenty-five when she too agreed for an arranged marriage into a family that wanted an educated daughter-in-law. She was unaware of the impending doom that remained lurking behind the corner.

Chetna’s parents, especially her grandfather, had all supported her when she chose graphology as a career. And at this juncture of a marriage they quietly yet firmly stepped in. She walked out of her marriage and looked forwards. In a reflective moment she does feel that maybe the dark period of her life pushed her towards handwriting analysis and the subsequent couple’s compatibility. She crusades to utilise this tool to prevent people from entering a messy .

This is the story of establishing your life’s calling when you are trapped in the dynamics of a wretched situation. It’s about summing up your fortitude and strength when adversity greets you in the face.

This is the story of a winner called Chetna Teckchandani!

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