Delicious Jhatpat Mixed Rice

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Anumita shares the recipe of Jhatpat (instant) Mixed Rice, a one-dish meal. It is a version of biriyani, polao and fried rice. It has the component of all of these yet not strictly any. Find out more about this versatile, finger-licking rice dish, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Like most Indian families, we have rice as a main course during one of the major meals of the day. Usually, it is accompanied with a dal (lentil soup), a vegetable curry and a non-veg curry.

There are days when I do not like to follow the routine. I a one-dish meal. That is the day I make the Jhatpat (instant) Rice, as I call it. It is a version of biriyani, polao and fried rice. It has the component of all of these yet not strictly any.

I love it as it is cooking one dish and a side of riaita and papad, and my family loves it as it tastes great. So, when the whole family is happy the meal is a hit.

We are often pressed for time yet would like a cooked meal, the Jhatpat Rice could be the answer. As it is very versatile, you can use any to make it. Vegetables, which you have at home and any non-veg item that could be leftovers too. I have used sausage chunks in the non-veg version of the rice. If there are few pieces of leftover chicken or mutton, it can be added to the rice.  Scrambled eggs are a great inclusion. Just remember to add the egg after the rice totally done.

Here is the recipe for Jhatpat rice, hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Jhatpat Rice

Prep time: 15 mins                                   Cook time: 20mins

For: Main course                                      Serves: Three or four.


Rice 2 cups washed and drained

Onion 1big chopped

Garlic 1tbs chopped

Green Chilies chopped

1 chopped

Mushroom 1 cup chopped

Banana peppers 1cup chopped

Chickpeas 1can

Sausage/Fried cubes/Grilled Chicken cubes

Butter 2tbs

Biriyani of your choice

Sour cream 2tbs

Chicken/Vegetable stock 1 can


In a thick bottomed pan let the butter melt, add the garlic, and the chili. When the aroma rise, add the onion and sprinkle some salt. Let the onion turn translucent, then add the mushrooms.

Sauté for a min and add the banana peppers and chickpeas. Stir in some the biriyani masala. If you are making this as non-veg, add the meat/sausage and let it mix up with the veggies. If you are making it as a dish, add the paneer cubes and immediately add the rice.

Mix in the sour cream and add the stock. Measure the stock, and supplement it with water if it is less than three cups. The ratio of rice to water should be double less one.

Cover and cook for 5 mins on low . Check in between, and add a little water if you find it too dry.

Once the rice is cooked, turn off the heat and stir the whole rice with a fork and transfer to a serving bowl.

And enjoy steaming delicious Jhatpat Rice with a side of Raita and papad.

©Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Photos by the author. 

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