White House Lockdown Lifted: Suspect shot, in Custody

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In a scary incident, a male suspect brandished a weapon and allegedly fired gunshots just outside the north entrance of the White House, which was immediately put under . The Secret Service shot in his abdomen. He was rushed to the hospital in condition and is in custody. later, the lockdown was lifted, security tightened.

The White House was on lockdown following shooting near 17th and E St. NW, by a male suspect late Friday, according to media reports.

A male suspect was shot in the abdomen be Secret Service after brandishing a weapon. He has been rushed to the hospital in a critical condition and is in custody.

The White House was immediately put on lockdown, after the alleged shootout, meaning no one was allowed in or out. Snipers immediately became present on the White House roof, keeping a watchful eye on the grounds as U.S. Park Police investigated the gunshots.

It is reported that gunshots were fired allegedly outside the North Entrance of the building.
President Barack Obama was not on the property. Vice President Joe Biden was secured in the White House complex. The situation has been downgraded to orange, which means a code-red situation is under control.

The U.S. Park Police tweeted the shooting occurred on West Executive Drive, which would be inside the immediate White House security perimeter.

Furthermore, the Secret Service cleared the White House lawn and members of the press corps tweeted they were asked to shelter in place, according to available reports.


Though White House Lockdown has been lifted, security in and around the place has been beefed up. Tourists are not allowed anywhere near the White House. Traffic has been diverted.

The male suspect was shot at because he did not disarm after brandishing a weapon. He reportedly opened fire.

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